What age should my puppy be to attend Puppy Pre School?
Puppies aged between 8 & 16 weeks can attend puppy classes. It is for puppies that are not fully vaccinated and cannot go on the ground in public places. 

When are Puppy Pre School classes held?
Tuesday evenings from 6pm – 7pm


Where are classes held?   
In the Rockingham Dog Club clubrooms, Bungaree Oval, Crater Place, Rockingham 6168.          


How are classes conducted?
Classes operate over 4 weeks with one handler and their puppy in the main area. Other family members are welcome to sit in the gallery and observe.


How much does it cost? 
$100 (1 Handler, 1 Dog) 
$80 Concession


Can I get a refund?
Rockingham Dog Club has a no refund policy


What will we learn in class?
Classes are designed to allow puppies to socialise, learn basic cues and develop confidence engaging in various activities and through supervised play sessions with puppies their own age. Relevant topics of interest will be discussed and you will have opportunities to ask questions.


Can my puppy go on the ground in public places if he becomes fully vaccinated part way through the classes? 
No. Other puppies in the class may not be fully protected against Parvovirus. You will have to wait until you have completed the course. If your puppy does go on the ground in a public place, you will not be able to continue to attend the Puppy Pre School Class


What should I bring to class?
A flat collar, or harness and a lead.  A treat pouch with tiny high value treats. Your vaccination certificate if not provided online & any further vaccination certificates that become available.


What treats should I bring?
Examples of treats: Pieces of cheese, chicken, beef, sausage, Prime 100 roll or Ziwi Peak broken into small pinkie nail size pieces.


Do the puppies get to socialise off lead during class?
Yes, the puppies will have opportunities for supervised interactions. 


Is there a class that follows on from Puppy Preschool?
Yes. Once your puppy is fully vaccinated, you can join the Rockingham Dog Club as an annual member and go into Class 1. Classes are held on Wednesday evenings at 6.30 pm on the oval.

Annual Joining fee.
Single membership: $80       Concession: $60
Family membership: $100 - 2 adults & 2 children (12-16 years)
Family Concession: – $80 - 2 adults & 2 children (12-16 years)

Please speak to your instructor for further details.



When can I join?
Please like our Facebook page to keep up to date about the next registration. Registration is open for a specific period and advertised on our Website, Website Club Calendar, and Facebook.


What class do I enrol in?
All new members register for Class 1 FUNdamentals


How do I register?
Register for Class 1 – FUNdamentals:

Register as an annual member through the website. Complete the registration form and ensure you upload your dog’s current vaccination certificate. Registration dates are advertised on our website, club calendar, and Facebook group.

You will be required to select an Orientation time at the time of registration. Orientation is held at our Clubroom and includes information about training at the club and opportunities for Q & A. Please allow 20 minutes for the orientation. Attendance is compulsory to be able to commence training in the classes. Please do not bring your dog to the Orientation.


Where are classes held?   
Bungaree Oval, Crater Place Rockingham 6168.           


When are classes held?
Classes are held on Wednesday evenings during school terms. We do not operate over the school holidays.


When do I start?
Training commences on the first Wednesday at the beginning of each school term. See the Club calendar for details


What time are classes? 
Class 1:
6:30 pm – 7:15 pm
Classes 2; 3; 4; and Trialling: 7:45 pm – 8:30 pm


What training methods do you use? 
We are committed to force free; fear free; reward based training techniques.


What will the classes do for me and my dog?
We offer basic dog training through to trialling classes. The classes will give you confidence and skills you can use in day to day life with your dog. Each class builds on the previous class and focuses on having fun, whilst introducing new skills to further engage and challenge you and your dog.


How much does it cost to join?
All memberships pay an Annual Joining fee.
Single membership: $80       Concession: $60
Family membership: $100 - 2 adults & 2 children (12-16 years)
Family Concession: $80 - 2 adults & 2 children (12-16 years)


How do I pay for my membership? 
All transactions are completed online at the time of registration via a Credit or Debit Card


Can I get a refund?
Rockingham Dog Club has a no refund policy


Do I need to provide proof of my dog’s vaccination? 
Yes, when registering you are required to upload your dog’s current vaccination certificate.

We accept…
Annual C5 - includes Canine (Kennel) Cough
Annual C4 & C3 with additional Canine (Kennel) Cough
Tri Annual Vaccination with Annual Canine (Kennel) Cough
Titre Test with Annual Canine (Kennel) Cough


What should I bring with me to class?
Treats - lots of treats! Pea-sized pieces of moist food such as polony, cheese, sausage, chicken. Please leave kibble at home as it is too dry
A variety of toys. Tug toys are great but not squeaky ones
Enclosed shoes
Clicker (if you use one)
Lead & flat collar or harness


My dog is reactive, can you help?
Some dogs need extra space for many different reasons. We are sensitive to your dog’s needs and any concerns you may have and will work with you to assist you and your dog. Reactive dogs can be identified through our Bandana system, which lets our members know that your dog needs extra space. If you are concerned about your dog’s reactivity, for any reason, please discuss these concerns with an instructor.


Does it cost more to train 2 dogs?
No, you do not pay any extra for a second dog however; only 1 dog and handler are permitted on the oval to train at any one time. You may choose to alternate training for both dogs or have a second handler for the second dog. If this second person is not part of a family membership, they would need to be a registered financial member and have attended orientation.


My dog and I have trained at another club, what class do I register for?
All new registrations must register for Class 1. After which you may request an assessment from the Head Instructor who will determine which class is most suitable for you and your dog.


Do you conduct Puppy Pre School classes?
Yes. Please see the Puppy Pre School FAQs for further information.

I have forgotten my password
Go to www.rdc.org.au and click the login button. 
Click the 'Forgot Your Password' link.
On the password reset screen, type in your 'Username' and 'Email Address'.
Click the 'I'm not a Robot' checkbox and verify the requirements.
Click 'Send'.
Check your email and follow the instructions to reset your password.  This involves following the link in the email message then entering your 'new password' that you would like to use and then 'confirming' the new password.
Click 'Submit'.


I am locked out from my Account 
Please contact us through Contact Us and you will be unlocked


I have a specific question 
Please ask your question through Contact Us


My registration has expired 
Please request your account to be reset through Contact Us


How do I choose my first class?
Go to Classes, Available Classes and select Class 1 FUNdamentals


How do I choose an Orientation time?
Go to Classes, Available Classes and select an Orientation time


What Registration details are absolutely necessary?
In order to be registered you must give your Full Name and one form of contact details i.e. phone number or email address


My dog’s vaccination certificate won’t upload
You can only upload these file formats - png, jpg, jpeg or gif


Can I edit and update my details? 
Yes. You can update any of your details, go to Member Login